Thursday, July 19, 2012

So, I'm Gonna be a Clark!

Part of the reason I wanted to restart this blog was so I could keep track of things I want to remember... and here's the big one. Our engagement story starts way back in January, unbeknownst to me...
At the end of last year, my parents gave Andrew a bag of diamonds... I know that sounds funny, but they did... a bag of 27 diamonds, all teeny tiny, but diamonds none the less.
So come January, Andrew was ready to take those diamonds and get to work. He went with my dad every week to our family jeweler and designed my amazing ring. But all of this was in secret, and I had no idea... So here's the rest of the story...

In April, Andrew and I took a trip to Florida to see family. My mom's sister lives out there, and most of Andrew's family does, so we decided to go. The big reason (so I thought) was to meet our niece, Olivia who was born in February!

So we spent a few days with my family and then headed across the state to Bonita Springs to the beach house Andrew's parents had rented, to meet Olivia. 

(Olivia & Uncle Andrew!)
After spending the day at the beach, we ate dinner inside and Andrew's brother, Doug suggested that we should all go down on the sand and watch the sunset. I started to go outside, and decided I might be cold, so I asked Andrew, who was in the bedroom, to grab me a sweater. He threw me a scarf from across the room, and said he would meet me down there. (Little did I know, he was freaking out because I almost walked in when he was getting the ring out)
So I walked down to the beach with Emily (Doug's wife) and Olivia and waited for everyone else (who ALL knew what was going to happen).
Doug came up behind me and said "Hey Rach, we bought this for our house and decided you might like it better" and handed me a rolled up poster. SO confused, I opened the poster and saw this (minus the frame obviously).

(Yes, it's a quote from Harry Potter. Yes, I know it's nerdy, but I love it!)

At this point, I realized what was happening and started bawling! I turned around and Andrew was on his knee, with the most beautiful ring EVER in his hand! I was crying so hard before he even asked the Big Question (to which I responded "YES!!"), that the second question he asked was if I even wanted the ring! (Of course I did)

(Crying SO hard!)

(The little stone on the side of the band is from my mom's wedding ring!)

I was so crazily surprised and it was such an amazing moment! Everyone we know knew about it... I was obviously the LAST person to know what was happening!
So here we are now, 3 months later, in the middle of crazy planning and I couldn't be happier!


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