Monday, November 19, 2012

A Post on our Wedding... Finally!

I know one of the main reasons I started this blog back up was to keep track of things I wanted to remember, such as our wedding (duh). But, of course, I haven't even done that yet. 
At least I'm blogging daily at this point... woohoo!
This past Saturday, Andrew and I took one of our most favorite drives, to one of our most favorite places. The road to Palm Springs is always an exciting one for us. 
Maybe because at the end of it is The Ace Hotel... 
our favorite hotel, and the place where we're getting married!

The storm clouds were amazing this trip, and although we hit rain on the way back, we had a clear drive the whole way there.

Although I wish we had headed up there for a relaxing weekend away, we went to the Kings Highway (at the hotel) for our menu tasting for the wedding! We met up with Taneka, the coordinator there, and spent 2 hours tasting everything we had picked out before. The food at the Kings Highway is always amazing, and of course, didn't disappoint. 
Here's a peek at the items we chose from

Seeing "Jass Clark Wedding Tasting" at the top of the menu was totally crazy and made everything feel so REAL!
We ate our way through appetizers, salads, main courses, and sides, until we could barely breathe. (Plus, we tasted champagne and a mixed drink option, of course)
I, as usual, took notes on everything, and we left there with a pretty solid idea of what we wanted. Success!
The drive home was rainy, but so gorgeous as usual.

I love this view as the clouds passed over the mountains.

We went back to Brea and spent the rest of the weekend with my family (and took a trip to Upland to see David & Amber).
Come Sunday, we had work to do... Our invitations (which we designed) had come from the printer (!!!) so we got to work. We decided that we wanted the envelopes hand written, rather than paying for labels, or printing them ourselves, so Sammi and I took that job. Dad organized the packets, and Mom and Andrew stuffed and embellished. I don't want to get into too much detail and give things away, but here's a sneak peek...

I know it looks like madness, but it really was quite organized! So, now all that's left is stamping our return address on the back, and adding postage. They'll go out right after Thanksgiving (which again, I thought was NEXT week) 
We're SO happy with how everything turned out, and can't wait to send them (and receive responses)!

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