Friday, November 16, 2012

Another Project.. That was Actually Andrew's...

At my first bridal shower, I was given a Crate & Barrel gift card for $50, (Thank you Lynn!)
It was sitting in my wallet when I got an email from CB2 (C&B's more contemporary site) saying that they were having a lighting sale. Not thinking much into it, I clicked through the sale items, and lo and behold, found This piece of amazingness...

$149 down to $63! AND we had our gift card! Boom. Done. Ordered that moment. (After the card was applied, and with tax and shipping, we paid $24.25)
Now, you might ask, where was I planning on putting this golden piece of awesomeness?
Over the dining room table (duh)
This is the old fixture over our dining room table. Off center and all around fugly. 

Fugly, right?

Off center because of the double duty the room plays as office and dining room...
(Sorry for the dark photos... It's the best I could do!)

So, right off the bat, I knew where it was going. We planned on swagging the red cord over so the globe hung over the middle of the table even though the actual electrical connection wasn't set over the middle. 
The golden goodness was delivered yesterday afternoon!
After unceremoniously ripping apart the box (I knew we were keeping it),
This is what I found...

I nearly cried, she was SO beautiful, and SO perfect... Bigger than I anticipated, but that made it even better! I dared not try and hang her on my own. I know nothing (really, nothing) about electrical stuff, and Andrew has had experience with it. Plus, he's a guy, so he automatically knows how not to shock himself installing lighting. 
So last night, Andrew came home, and made it his mission to hang the light before I returned from work. He hung the damn thing in the dark, with only light from the flashlight and iPad guiding him...
Why, you ask, was he in the dark? Because our WHOLE house (minus the stove and fridge) are on the SAME fuse. So when he turned off the power to the old fugly fixture, the whole house was in darkness...

I wish I had a photo of the flashlight balanced on the ladder, but I don't. Because it was dark.
About an hour and a half later, on my way out of work, I received this photo:

It was up! Not swagged yet, but up nonetheless!
I was giddy with excitement the whole ride home, and when I pulled into the driveway and could see the glow through the window, I was even more stoked!

When I walked in, I saw her in all of her golden glow-y goodness! (The cord's still not swagged to the perfect height, and is a little kinked from packaging) But she's perfect! Exactly the right piece for the room, definitely a good purchase.
Here she is this morning, a little more used to her new place of glory

(The cord will un-kink itself over time)

Oh, and for now, she's using a regular bulb, but since it's exposed, we'd like to replace it with something better looking at some point, like one of these,

But for now, she's good to go with her big, round bulb.
So, another project completed... And I didn't do anything to help, except start dinner (which really, I just threw chicken and veggies in a pot and called it a night)


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  1. I love new lighting fixtures! Our old house had seriously cross wired electricity. We couldn't run the vacuum if the toaster over and or microwave were on... weird stuff like that.
    Woot Woot to Andrew for trying to surprise you! Super sweet ;)