Thursday, November 8, 2012

Halloween Madness... but not the Good Kind...

So, last Wednesday was Halloween... It was a crazy, crazy day for me. No, it wasn't filled with candy, costumes, and trick-or-treaters, it was filled with drama, and a little (lot) of puppy vomit...

Work was closed, but I went in for a few hours to help get some things done. I left at noon to pick up Neville to take to the groomers... When I got into the house, this is what I saw...
Yep, those are (were) Andrew's FAVORITE shoes... From Barney's, and (of course) discontinued. So, I reprimanded Neville, threw him in the car, and dropped him off for his spa day. When I returned home to clean up the mess, I realized there was NO mess... Meaning he ATE. the. whole. shoe. 

So, of course, I panicked and called the vet. She told me that I had 2 options:
1: Bring Neville to them, they would pump his stomach and do x-rays ($$)
2: Give him a capfull of hydrogen peroxide and if the pieces are still in his stomach, they'll come up.
If the pieces didn't come up, that meant they passed into his intestine, and he could have serious complications.
So, I jetted back to the groomer, stopping at Rite-Aid on the way for peroxide (and Halloween candy for all of the trick-or-treaters I thought we would have... we had 3... total...)
I grabbed Neville from the groomer, brought him home, and sitting outside on the grass, gave him the peroxide... 30 seconds later, it worked... it REALLY worked...
I'll spare you the photos, but the whole. entire. shoe. came up. ALL OF IT
Thank goodness. 

(Not actually a photo from the day, but an accurate depiction of how Neville acted the whole day)

After the big event, I had to monitor him the whole rest of the day. Needless to say, not a productive day. Oh! except I made THESE for dinner...
Why yes. they ARE homemade chicken pot pies! I got a mini pie tin set for my bridal shower and used this recipe, modified slightly... Result? Total success! 
Oh, and I made these too... Never got around to the "a" for Andrew though...
So, all in all, not a totally wasted Halloween... 

Neville got his hair cut the next day (handsome boy!)
...and Andrew brought the 3 bags of leftover candy to work the next day. 
Boom. Everyone wins... (except for Andrew's shoes)


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