Wednesday, November 7, 2012

More Catching Up... Seattle!

A few weeks ago, Andrew and I took advantage of me being off work (and a JetBlue Mystery Coupon!) and flew to Seattle. We'd never been before and University of Washington is on Andrew's list of grad schools.
We flew in on a Saturday and spent 4 days exploring the city. Besides Palm Springs, it was the first vacation we've actually taken together that we weren't going to visit family (although we DID meet up for sushi with my cousin Nate...)
Let's just say, when we were about to leave on Tuesday, we really only wanted to come back to get Neville, and go back to the city...
 The Public Transit system in Seattle is We got off the plane and walked through the airport and got right on the train? tram? Which took us DIRECTLY downtown to Westlake (which ironically spits you out into a Nordstrom... Heaven...)

(Doesn't he look good?! Best photo I've ever taken of him!)

Forgive me for all of the instagram pics... I've just started to use it... I know, a photo of the doors opening onto an empty platform is kinda random... but the instagram-ness of it makes it super artsy...

After getting to Westlake, we realized that our hotel was only 5 blocks away... so we walked, dropped our bags, and walked some more, down to the Pike Place Market... one of my favorite places in the city!
There it is, in all it's glory!
And me, all bundled up... Hooray for being able to wear my Burberry coat! SO in love with the weather in WA! We walked around the market, had brunch, and then made our way back to the hotel in time to check in. Our hotel (Hotel Five) was awesome! Right in the middle of everything... We could walk to Downtown & the market one way, and the other direction took us right to the Space Needle and Seattle Center.

The view from our hotel room was so nice... The monorail went right by our room! And look! The trees turn colors up there!! Who knew?!

The next corner over from the hotel was Top Pot Doughnuts... Donuts are a big deal in Seattle and we were fortunate (not so much calorie-wise) to have the best of the best right next door.
Let me tell you... they did not disappoint... I think we ate there 3 times on the trip...

We also went to the Seattle Aquarium... anyone that knows me knows that I'm a sucker for sea life... Again, it did not disappoint. We had a blast, and the building itself is gorgeous... Plus points for Seattle Architecture. 

The Seattle Public Library was a focal point of the trip as well. Anyone that knows Andrew knows that he's a sucker for good architecture... and just like the Aquarium, it did not disappoint either... When you walk up from the outside, this is what you see:
Just seeing that would have been enough for Andrew... but no... we went INSIDE... only one word to describe this place... WOW.
Libraries are some of my favorite places in the world, because they hold books... my favorite things in the world. But to see a library like this, it was mind blowing. This is the view from the top floor... the very top... looking down... 
Unbelievable... Andrew went nuts for the architecture, I went nuts for all of the BOOKS!
The last part of the trip, we spent at the University
of Washington campus. It was amazing. It actually felt like a real, formal University. The architecture building is above, and below is what it looks like inside. Andrew's opinion is that if the building is this cool, the program must be just as great. 

We're pretty sold on the city now... and especially the campus. (I think the photo below looks like Hogwarts is peeking out from behind the tall glass building, but I don't tell many people things like that...)

Oh! We also visited the Experience Music
Project. The exhibits were awesome, but the building itself was designed by Frank Gehry (again, Andrew was giddy with excitement). Pretty cool if you ask me...

So all in all, our trip to Seattle was a success! Can't wait to go back again, and fingers crossed that Andrew's grad school apps get accepted!

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