Thursday, November 15, 2012

On my Newest Project (and Why it's not 100% Done)

When we moved into our house almost 2 years ago, we knew that we would have to create a home office in our dining room. We were both working from home at that point (Andrew still in school) and with only one bedroom, we knew the giant dining room would have to pull double duty. 
So we made a trip to Ikea (The land of good design for cheap -- says Andrew)
A few hours later, we came home with 2 desks and a file cabinet.
(This is the closest I could find on the Ikea website to what we bought)
Here's what it looked like 2 years ago when we first put them together...
(We promptly replaced the brown shades after this photo)

The 2 desks fit perfectly on that wall, and we felt SO adult to have our very own home office..
Of  course, we thought that the file cabinet would fit under the desks and we planned on putting it in the middle of the two... Sadly, it didn't fit under the desks. at all.

So, the little file cabinet found a home on the other side of the room, by the kitchen, and for the last 2 years it's sat there, in all of it's white and birch boringness, holding one ounce of the massive amount of books that we own. 

Until last week. Last week, I needed a project. As if planning my wedding, working, and freelancing wasn't enough, I needed something crafty to do. So, after reading about This Project, I decided to get my paint on. 
I took a trip to Home Depot and after 20 minutes hemming and hawing over which color I wanted, I decided on this baby:
Rust-Oleum Gloss Key Lime.

(I also brought home a dark teal, but then decided that it was too matchy-matchy with our dining chairs)
I emptied out the drawers (they needed to be purged anyway) pulled them out, and sanded the faux-birch down to give it a little grit.
After taping off the areas I didn't want painted, and laying down a million paper bags to cover the back steps, I followed Sherry's advice from Young House Love and sprayed several suuuper thin coats (maybe not as thin as I should... I'm a fan of instant gratification...)  until I got this result...
(The photo frames on the side were an added bonus... not part of the project)

After 24 (almost) hours of drying,
I was able to put them back in the base... (minus the top one because a twig landed on it and it was being re-painted) 

Now, you may notice, that the bottom drawer face isn't painted... And why is that? Well, it's because the damn drawer won't come out! It's screwed in, and I couldn't for the life of me, figure out how to get it off! But me, being one for instant gratification, put it all back together anyway, and here she is, back in action... With her shiny new paint coat... minus the bottom drawer.
(Sorry for the lousy Instagram pic... still get the general idea)
There's a weird shadow on the middle of the 2nd drawer... I swear it's more even in real life. 
Andrew likes the bottom drawer naked... I'm not sold... I WILL make him take the face of it off soon so I can finish it up!
So, the sad, boring almost-rejected file cabinet got her own facelift in our office/dining room, and I got my craft on. Everybody wins.

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