Friday, November 9, 2012

On Thank You cards and being a grown up...

As a kid, I despised writing Thank You notes... Like really really hated. I remember my mom insisting that I write them for every birthday, holiday, everything. The worst though, was for my Bat Mitzvah. 200 Thank You's... I think they took me a year to write. Now, as a "grown up", I have a totally different view on them. I realize (thank you Mom, for instilling this in me) that they are a necessity, something to show that you are truly grateful and appreciative of people. Plus, in this uber-technological era, nobody ever gets anything in the REAL mail... It's a nice surprise for those that receive them, and now, I genuinely enjoyed writing every one from my shower last month. And, what makes it even better, is that I actually made my own Thank You's... None of the random cards my mom (sorry Mom) kept in the house that I would LOATHE over every December and March.

One idea, and one trip to Paper Source later, here's what I ended up with:
The address stamper we ordered custom from Papyrus. We're going to use it for the return address on our invites!
4 Bar sized flat cards
4 Bar envelopes
1 pad of gold ink (look for really saturated colors)
1 super simple merci stamp
(Side Note: We're going to Paris for our honeymoon so I went with merci instead of Thanks!)

10 minutes later here's my result
So, my super quick, super personalized set of Thank You's took me 1 hour to write the Tuesday after the shower and were in the mail on Wednesday morning. My mother almost keeled over when I told her.
So, I guess it means I'm officially a grown up when I actually LIKE to write Thank You's rather than moaning and groaning and procrastinating.
Thanks mom for that little piece of grown up wisdom, that drove me crazy when I was 13.

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