Wednesday, November 14, 2012

On Workin' Out for the Wedding...

Andrew and I aren't in bad shape... We eat healthy, and try to be active, but we both decided a while ago that we needed to kick it into gear for the wedding. 
About 2 months ago, we started running together. This, if you know me well, is a big deal. I HATE to run, no I LOATHE it... like really. I have horrible lung endurance stemming from years and years of asthma and sinus problems, and running generally makes me an angry person.
(We tried training for a 5K 2 years ago... it did not happen)
This time was different though. I knew we had a few months until the wedding, and I really wanted to feel good in my dress,
and this time we have Neville, who LOVES to run.

So, I sucked it up, and we started taking Nev out in the evenings to run. Well, turns out, since he loves it, I can put up with it... I even somewhat enjoy running now. My endurance still sucks, and I have yet to pass the 2 mile mark without wanting to die.

(It's laundry day, so Andrew's socks had to do...)
Here's my run from this morning... Neville didn't come with me because he's got a tweaked hip... so it was just me and some Peter Bjorn & John...
It's not fast, but for me, it's the first time I've passed the 2 mile mark on my own... Pretty proud of my slow-ass self...

We signed up for the LB Turkey Trot 5K which, I just realized yesterday, is NEXT WEEK... as in 8 days from now... Someone recently told me that their goal each time they ran was to "not die". I'm taking that to heart.
 So hopefully I can add that 3rd mile without dying before then...

Our next big feat into getting in shape came in the form of a Living Social deal Andrew purchased in September. We've been hearing a ton about CrossFit lately, and CrossFit 5150 in Signal Hill had a deal for an unlimited month. So Andrew purchased 2 of them.
Everyone I had spoken to about it has said "Oh it's great, I only barfed the first 2 times" or 
"Oh I LOVE CrossFit! I only puked the first time!"
So naturally, I was terrified. I hate throwing up, and I hate feeling like a quitter... Which would most definitely happen if I barfed...
We put off going until last Thursday after work. I was SO nervous... Like really almost didn't go...
Long story short, I really liked it! I loved that there was a set workout (the WOD) but you worked as fast as you could, and you could modify if you needed. 
Let me tell you though, we were both SO sore Friday night and Saturday... but good sore, and sore in the same places... So I guess we did it right!
We'll see how we fare after a whole month of it. In the meantime, we're running, and eating healthy to get in shape for the Big Day!

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