Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Part 2: Another Recap...

Thursday morning, before we went to my parents house, Andrew and I participated in the Long Beach Turkey Trot. As I've posted before, I barely run... like barely... and I'd never, until Thursday run more than 2 miles. So Andrew and I got up at 6:00 Thursday morning, threw on our running clothes (including the new Nikes I treated myself to the week before) ate a banana (yuck) and drove down to the Belmont Pool (along with the entirety of Long Beach) to Trot.
(my sweet new orange Nikes)

 Now, like I said, I've never run more than 2 miles, and that was only 2 weeks ago, so needless to say, I was super nervous before we got there. When we arrived, I saw people of all ages, shapes, and sizes, and I started to feel a little better. Andrew and I stayed together most of the run, but he's got better endurance, so he passed me a few times. I ran about 85% of the race, and was super proud of that fact, even though I was totally exhausted, probably because I didn't train At. All. My goal was to finish in 45 minutes or less (I know, 15 minute miles... so slow). Our official time was 38 minutes and some change. 
Here's us after we crossed the finish line!

Something else I can now cross off my bucket list. I completed a 5K and didn't die!

After the race, we showered, packed up Neville and the car, and drove to Brea for the Jass Turkey Weekend Extravaganza, as I like to call it. 
When we got down there, my parents were already up and making breakfast, so after a Bloody Mary, eggs, and bacon, we got to work. I don't have a ton of photos from the day because we were pretty busy, but here's 2 of my contributions:
The majority of the family likes the canned cranberry gel (ugh) but I prefer whole berries. 

2 bags of Trader Joe's whole cranberries boiled down with 2 cups sugar and 2 cups water. (I like to add a few pieces of orange or clementine to add a little flavor.) This seriously is one of my favorite things to make. It's so easy, and I don't know what it is... Maybe it's because it's so pretty...

 Now this photo is a little boring. And off center. And just not a great photo. I was TRYING to get a good picture of the centerpieces I put together. We have an amazing flower shop here in Long Beach called Devynn's Garden that is my go-to place for all things floral.
They have a huge selection of lose flowers, and they're all reasonably priced. So, Wednesday, I made a trip down there before work and picked up some fall-ish branches and flowers to put on each of the 4 tables. Nothing crazy, or too extravagant, just something to brighten them up. (PS: love my grandma's vintage gold bud vase)

I wish I had gotten more photos of the food from the day. Everything was amazing, as usual, and after dinner, the cousins (minus me) went Black Friday (Thursday?) shopping, while Neville, Andrew, and I snoozed on the couch from about 7:30 on... Oh, after Neville got out and took a little jaunt around the complex, with Andrew running close at his heels...)

There's 2 months left until our wedding (EEK!) I'll be back tomorrow with a post about my beautiful family-thrown shower!

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