Thursday, November 29, 2012

To Move? or Not to Move?

Okay, here it is... a serious post! Well, kinda. This time of the year always gets me thinking about changes, new things, and new places. It's the end of the year; 2012 went SO fast. A TON of amazing things happened: we got our first niece, family is all happy and healthy, and oh yeah, we got engaged. Along with the year ending, the lease on our cozy (little) house is up in February. After almost 2 years in the place, we've finally gotten it how we want it. (But that doesn't mean I don't fantasize every day about selling everything and buying ALL new stuff) 

(had to throw the handsome pup photo in)
Last year, it was a no-brainer; we had nowhere else that we wanted/needed to be, and we didn't even blink when we re-signed the lease for the second year. This year is different. Andrew's in the middle of applying to grad schools all over the country, his commute to work now is over an hour, we've been other places that we LOVED, and although my job is here, we're seriously considering picking up and moving. It's a funny situation though, half the time, we want to pick up NOW and just go. Anywhere else. But then, we think about our family, friends, and our (rented) but OUR little house. (Plus, there's the small fact that we have a wedding in about 8 weeks, and moving, moving now before it would be crazy town.)
Then, there's the fact that if grad school is a go, we could NEED to move somewhere else. That is exciting to me also; a new city, new house, new jobs, new everything... but I keep coming back to OUR house... I know it's not "ours", and it's only one bedroom. We (half) joke all the time, that if we ARE staying in the area after February, we'd see if our landlord would sell to us... But only if the house is sound enough to add a second story at some point. (Perks of marrying an architectural designer: he knows  this stuff)
We've also looked at moving into a loft Downtown. SO different from our little freestanding 1920's Bungalow. But so much more freedom to do what we want. Blank walls, concrete floors. So many options! I don't know, at this point, if I would want to go from a single-family house, with no attached neighbors, to sharing walls, ceilings, and floors (Andrew's slowly convincing me though, that in that type of building, you don't even hear your neighbors) 
And then, there's the option of buying. Something we've only briefly looked into very recently. I'd love to buy an old house, knock down some walls, and fix it up ourselves. Andrew agrees, but if we don't know where we're going, and if it'll be temporary if we do the grad school route, how can we even consider that? 
A good friend of mine said that the best thing she and her husband ever did was move to an area that was less expensive than where we grew up, so they could buy a home and have complete (monetary) freedom to do what they wanted with it. 

I've never lived outside of Southern California, and I am definitely a CA girl at heart. I'm super close to my family, we see them almost every weekend.
But, I think I'm finally ready to step out of my comfort zone for at least a while. I'm a way better flyer than I was before, and I don't get so anxious about getting on a plane. Seattle was a great experience for me/us. It was the first place that I've been to that I could actually see myself moving to. 
Right now, if we go the grad school route, we could be in LA, Seattle, or Lexington, KY. Andrew really thinks we'd do well in Nashville, and there's always NYC as an option as well. (We have family and friends almost all over the country, so I don't think we'd be alone anywhere we went)
At this point, I'm on the fence about everything. Nothing sounds BAD, they all sound kinda good. I just keep thinking about my family and our little house here, and how it's become OURS.
In the end, all that really matters is Andrew, Me, and Neville...

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