Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Twas the Day Before Thanksgiving...

and at the Clark/Jass (soon to be just Clark) house...
I was workin' my butt off in the kitchen, while Neville whined at a mouse. 
(squirrel really, but it didn't rhyme...) 

Thanksgiving every year is at my parents house in Brea. We've been hosting it for as many years as I can remember. It's my absolute favorite holiday, and I can't wait to have it at our house (when we have a big enough place)
It's our tradition to get to my parents house early and cook together as a family... There are usually large amounts of Bloody Mary's, and 80's dance music involved... I don't expect anything different for this year, except Andrew and I will have run our 5K before we got there...

Just because it's not at OUR house, doesn't mean there's prep goin' on here today... I've been running around all morning getting last minute things. Along with Thanksgiving being a crazy food holiday, in general, the Jass holiday is even crazier because we have so many food allergies. My mom and sister both have major gluten issues... Mom has Celiac and Sammi just got diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Both of them, (and me) are also dairy free. One of my mom's favorite (favorite) things in the whole world is chocolate. Always has been. So when we figured out that we could modify Andrew's grandmother's infamous Chocolate Pie to make it gluten and dairy free, my mom forgot about the stuffing and sweet potatoes she couldn't eat and is happy as a clam with her own pie.
Gluten free items are way easier to find now than they used to be, but it still takes a few trips to get exactly what I needed.

Trader Joe's, Whole Foods, and our new market, Lazy Acres all carried what I needed, but it took a trip to each to get it all for the pie. I'm not allowed to go into specific details about the recipe (I may never end up a Clark if I give the secrets away) but here's the general ingredients (gluten and dairy free, of course)...

Mix 'em all up

Throw it in a pie crust (again, gluten free of course)

(I added a little fresh ground cinnamon on top. My favorite is from Trader Joe's)

Bake... and then you end up with this chocolatey, amazing, goodness...

Yep. That's it... SO awesome AND gluten and dairy free... Can't beat it... With a little whipped cream (or whipped non-cream) on top... My favorite part of the holidays. Plus, it freezes AND saves well!

I'll be back later (or maybe tomorrow) with a post on another yummy project I'm working on this morning, taken from one of my favorite blogs
Happy Turkey Day!!

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  1. im very sad that i will be missing most of the fun 80's music early tomorrow when i am stuck at work.. make sure you have a bloody mary waiting for me when i get home at 2. Cant wait for the pie!!! love you... <3 sisterface!