Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Under the Weather...

Today I'm feeling pretty lousy. Cold, cough, and last night's fever have really taken it out of me... So instead of the post about my shower that I promised, here's something that took a little less brain power on my part (and plus, I'm waiting for a few more photos from the day)

Some things I'm currently obsessed with (hint hint for those who buy me gifts):

I'm a voracious reader. I love to read and I LOVE books. Jane Mount is an artist that interviewed a bunch of famous people about their favorite books, and PAINTED their bookshelves!
Some of her pieces are available here, and visit her blog/site here.
Love Love Love her stuff!

Ever heard of Everlane? No, well you should. They are amazing! High quality basics: tee's, sweatshirts, scarves, and tops for men and women at amazing prices. They cut out the middle man and only sell directly to the consumer online. Andrew and I both have one of their tee's... $15 each and feels like Theory.

Sorry for the small photo. Mill & Bird is based out of North Carolina and every bag is hand cut, hand punched, and hand saddle stitched! No sewing machines used at ALL! I could definitely use one, (or three) of her gorgeous bags for work, travel, basically all.the.time.

So that's all for now, my brain's a little fuzzy and I feel a Ny-Quil induced nap coming on soon. Happy Wednesday and I PROMISE I'll be back soon with shower photos.


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