Wednesday, November 7, 2012


Okay, so yes, I'm terrible at blogging. I can't seem to get into the rhythm of posting every day... I know, me, Miss. Regiment, can't get into it... So here's me catching up...

Our (2nd) Engagement Shoot...
Who does two engagement shoots? I mean really, it's a little much... but we did! Our first shoot was gifted to us by our friend and amazing photographer Zalmy. ( He did a fabulous job, and got some amazing shots... including this one... kinda looks like a Ray-Ban ad, doesn't it?
Well unfortunately, Zalmy isn't able to shoot our wedding, so we found ANOTHER set of amazing photogs... Tim & Jess ( are the best. Jess was the assistant shooter at our friend Dave & Amber's wedding and we just fell in love with them! They included an engagement shoot in our wedding package, so here we were, lucky enough to have a chance at a second set of amazing photos for our un-photogenic selves.
We decided to take this set of photos where we originally wanted to take Zalmy's, at CSULB. Because it was commencement week way back in May when we did the first shoot, we weren't able to. So we took full advantage of Tim & Jess and did the shoot where Andrew and I first met...
Here's a few of the results...

Not bad at all for 2 un-photogenic, kinda dorky kids huh?!
Tim & Jess are SO great... We can't wait to see what they come up with when we REALLY clean up nice in January!

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