Friday, December 14, 2012


Today, I woke up and had a million things to do. I literally didn't even touch my computer. I went to Whole Foods, made a salad for our potluck tonight, did my hair, and it wasn't until I dropped Neville off at doggy day camp and ran into a friend, that I even heard that anything out of the ordinary was happening across the country. I turned on the radio and heard bits and pieces about  Newtown, and when I got to work, my coworker was staring at the computer screen with a horrified look on her face. That's when I opened my computer and learned about the events unfolding.
20 kids.
7 adults.
All gone.

I'm not a mom, but I work with kids everyday. Everyday I see at least 100 kids. None of them are MINE, but they're all part of my life. I have a hard time when they move away from the gym, or even out of my class. I can't imaging them being gone. Really gone. I can't even pretend to imagine what it must feel like to be part of that, in any aspect. 
I cried when the newscaster said he could see parents walk out "arm in arm, no children in tow". I cried when I saw the photos of the children walking single file with the teachers leaving the campus, and I cried when President Obama cried while addressing the public. 
My thoughts and prayers go out to Newtown and the community, the families, children, faculty, and staff. Hugs and prayers. 

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