Thursday, December 13, 2012

Dairy Free Pesto

Yesterday, while reading one of my daily blogs, I can't remember which, I came across This Blog. Heidi blogs about her life as a gluten free mom and has TONS of recipes for all different types of food allergies. I came across This Recipe for dairy free pesto! Now, although I'm dairy free most of the time, I allow myself a little parmesan every once in a while because for some reason, it doesn't effect me as much. I've been using it in pesto, because I really thought I HAD to... 
Well, now I know I don't!
Heidi's recipe for Dairy Free Pesto
calls for

Olive Oil
Nuts (I used almonds)
And instead of the parmesan: Lemon and Sea Salt!
(It makes total sense... the parm adds a salty/tangy aspect... so the lemon and sea salt are perfect)
Her recipe has actual measurements, I just threw it all in my food processor until it looked like what I wanted it to. 

Here it is! All chopped and mixed up!

The verdict: SO good! It has a little bit of a different bite than if I had used the cheese, but it definitely held up. We tossed it with gluten free paste, and sautéed mushrooms and zucchini. SO yummy. Definitely on my recipe list from now on.
And once again, I don't have a photo of the actual pasta, because I'm a terrible blogger... and we were starving.

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