Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I Would Take...

All this talk about packing up house and moving lately has got me thinking. What if we moved into a SMALLER place? If we had to pare down everything we had, what would come, and what would go? Of course, there's the necessities: bed, sofa, etc. But, if I had to pare down the little "things" that I have, or non-necessities, it would be REALLY tough! Lots of things I own have a ton of meaning behind them, and I don't know what I would do if I  couldn't take them (probably pawn them off on my family). 
But, here's my list, boiled down to 5... I guess they would be my favorite "things"
(not including the artwork that was passed down from my grandparents)

This Cake Stand

Not just because it holds my gin, but it belonged to my grandmother (dad's mom). She is an amazing baker, and used it all her life for cakes, cookies, etc. I love the color, and the fact that it can be used for anything, anywhere... from cakes or cookies, to perfume, or even booze.

This Ceramic Egg Crate

This is just a random one. It's just so much nicer than the cardboard egg crates. It makes me smile when I open the fridge... Fancy, I know...

This Heart

Sorry for the TERRIBLE photo. It hangs above our bed and the wall did not lend itself for good lighting.
This heart is tiny, about 3 inches, and it was wrapped around the box holding the necklace Andrew gave me for Valentine's Day when we got back together for good. I've since lost that necklace, and had it replaced, but the heart symbolizes so much for us, and it will go with us wherever we go.

This Shit Sign

My grandmother (mom's mom) was like Mary Poppins. So proper, put together, and "Practically Perfect in Every Way". This Shit sign sat on her desk my entire life. I think she actually bought it in the 70's. After she was gone, and my grandfather passed, we were cleaning out the house and I found it. It now sits on my desk as a daily reminder that even when things are shit, they can still be pretty at the same time.

This Poster

The proposal poster. Andrew designed this himself, and he actually used it to propose to me. Yes, it is a quote from Harry Potter, and yes, I'm a major dork and cried when I read it, but it's SO us. It's hanging in the living room right now, and will forever, wherever we go. 

That's my list, 5 things.
As long as I have those, Andrew, and Neville, (and my grandparent's art) I'm good to go.

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