Monday, December 17, 2012

On Aprons & Quinoa...

Friday night was the Holiday International Potluck at AGA. It's one of my favorite things ever. Mainly because I love food, but also because the families at the gym make their own specialty dishes, usually from their culture. And they usually make some of my favorite dishes.
It also happened to be my longest day at work, the day of the horrible massacre in Connecticut, and the 7th night of Hanukkah. I was having trouble deciding what I wanted to bring to the party, and spent part of the day before, reading through all of my favorite blogs to find some of their go-to recipes. Girls Gone Child is a new favorite of mine. Rebecca lives in LA with her husband and 4 young kids. She had posted about her Quinoa "Informal Gathering" Salad a few times now and I was intrigued. Lucky for me, I had most of the ingredients on hand. A quick trip to Whole Foods (twice, because the soy yogurt I got that was labeled "PLAIN" was actually VANILLA)

Girl's Gone Child Quinoa "Informal Gathering" Salad
1 Box Quinoa (I used about 3 cups)
1 Jar Roasted Red Peppers (Traders Joe's are the best)
1 Bell Pepper
Corn (She uses fresh from the cob, I used frozen)
Plain Yogurt (I used Soy)

Make the quinoa as directed. Pour hot quinoa over roasted peppers and frozen (or raw) corn so it will partially cook.

 Add raw pepper, cilantro. Mix thoroughly. Add yogurt. Mix REALLY well.
Serve chilled.

Done. SO yummy. It was a hit at the potluck. There was SO much amazing food, from empanadas, to lumpia, to humus... SO MUCH FOOD! After the events that unfolded across the country that day, we were all grateful for some normalcy in our lives, and that we were able to spend such a fun evening with all of the girls at the gym. 

Friday was also the 7th night of Hanukkah, and the last night Andrew and I were exchanging gifts. (We only did 4 gifts this year, one every other night) 
I gave him some new Nike shorts for cross fit, and he got me something I've wanted for a while, and only mentioned once...

An apron from Anthropologie. I'm a HUGE mess in the kitchen, whether I'm actually cooking/baking, or washing dishes. I usually come out covered in whatever it is I'm making, or soaking wet from the dishes. I love this one! And it has pockets! I'm still recovering from this crazy long weekend... Photos soon from Saturday's bachelorette party!

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