Tuesday, December 18, 2012

On Books... Lots of Books...

In our house, we (I) read a lot. That means I (we) have a LOT of books. I mean a LOT. We have all sorts of books: paperback, hardback, coffee table sized, pocket sized. A TON of books. Everything from Fairy Tales, to Chick Lit, to school books I never returned (whoops), to Architecture (tons and TONS of architecture books, to French for Dummies. 
We have TONS of books. Unfortunately, something we do NOT have TONS of, is space. For books. Or more importantly, wall space for book cases/shelves. I've tried to pare them down, but it's SO hard. I'm that girl that reads books over, and over (and over... see my copies of Harry Potter), and I can't seem to get rid of any of them! I also am not able to recycle them either... A book is a book! It's a BOOK! Not just paper that can be reused!!! (I know, I'm a little nuts when it comes to them... Sorry.)

Back to the books in our house, and how we have no space...
This is our one true bookcase, the only one we really have room for... and guess what? It holds mostly Andrew's books... But if you can look close... some of my larger books are shoved in there. He may not have noticed that yet...

So, since that's the only bookcase we actually have room for, here's how the rest of them get stored...
On the (newly painted) file cabinet.

At the end of the bar (only special books get that spot)

On the coffee table (again, special books)

And my personal favorite... In the closet. Notice how the shelf is sagging in the middle.

(There are others stashed around the house also: kitchen, bedside, closet, maybe even in the bathroom...
Andrew knows that when we build our own home, it has to have enough space for books...

Maybe a whole wall like this

Or a whole room like this

Or just a whole bunch of these

But we definitely need more than what we have now!

Now, the books in the closet are books that I've finally decided that I can let go. BUT I'm not recycling them, or giving them away... That would be too easy, and as I've stated, I have a problem with that...
I'm REPLACING them. 
There's a used bookstore in Bixby Knolls and I'm going to bring them there, for credit. But not just for credit for more random books. I have a mission. 
Some of my favorite books are books I read as a child. 
Books such as
(my ALL time favorite)
And, A Wrinkle in Time 
(another amazing one)

 So, I have a list (of about 30) books from my childhood that I will be searching for in used bookstores. I want my children someday to be able to experience the same books I did as a child... The girl that learned to read at age 4 and has never stopped...


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