Tuesday, December 11, 2012

On Unproductive Mornings...

Many may say I'm lucky, I have a job where 2 days a week, I don't have to go in until 2:00. I don't have to get up early, scramble for breakfast, and rush out of the house. I get to sleep in. For most people, that would be the ideal work schedule. For me, not so much. It does have its pros, like making it easy to schedule Dr. appointments and things like that, but I'm a morning person. I'd rather get up early, go to work, and be getting OFF work around that time, rather than staying until 8 pm like I do...
Most days, however, I still get up early, and get things done: clean the house, work out, pick up groceries, run other random errands. Today, I can already tell, is not going to be one of those days. First of all, I slept in. Until 8:00. Yes, that means I've only been out of bed for 38 minutes. I've slept in on other days, but today felt different. Today, I REALLY couldn't think of a reason to get out of bed. Not in the depressing "I have no REASON to get out of bed" way, just, the bed felt so warm, Neville was curled around my feet, and I really couldn't think of anything pressing I had to do this morning. Plus, I really couldn't find an acceptable reason to NOT stay in bed.
I mean really, who wouldn't want to stay in there?! Look at that face...

But, as I lay there in our warm, cozy bed, my mind started working, and all of the things I really SHOULD do today came to me: bank, blog, dry cleaner, grocery store, shower (I know, I shouldn't have to PLAN time to shower, but I do). 
I thought about all of the wedding things that still need to be done: table numbers, place cards, decor, ordering desserts, favors, bridal party gifts.
I thought of the fact that I should go run, or work out of some sort. Of the fact that Neville could use a nail trim. That I really should finish last nights dishes, and that Andrew's car could really use a wash.
All of these things running through my brain at once, forced me out of bed, now 51 minutes ago. So far, I've washed my face, brushed my teeth, and obviously, am blogging.
I will get all (most... okay, some) of the things done on my list today... but that doesn't mean I won't spend a little time doing this...

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