Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another Strong Woman...

 One of the most amazing parts about our wedding is being done by my grandmother. My dad's mom. She's 88 years old, and (along with my aunt) has been spending hours and hours baking all of her famous sweets for our big day. We've ordered a cake, and some French Macarons, but the majority of the desserts are handmade by Grandma and my aunt. She's making all of her classics, my favorites: Wedding Balls, Horns, and Pecan Cups. She's been making all of these since before I was born, and for her, it's like second nature. My sister and mom and I sat down to help her a few times, but most of it is her. The house smells amazing every time we're there, as she sits at the counter rolling and slicing 100 of each cookie. I'll be honest, I could eat a bout 100 of each of them (and I'm embarrassed to admit, I ignored the fact that there's butter and cream cheese in more than one)

Here's Grandma and her amazing creations. For some reason I don't have any photos of the Wedding Balls, but there's some delicious shots of the others...

Kinda makes you hungry, doesn't it?

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