Thursday, January 10, 2013

Favorite Things: January Edition

I'm off to a late start this morning... My alarm was accidentally on silent... So here's a few of my new favorite things... Enjoy!

A few months ago, Joanna Goddard at Cup of Jo posted about navy nails. I thought I'd try it. Essie's Midnight Cami is the BEST navy. It's super dark and pretty flat so it doesn't look like you're wearing BLUE polish, but it's definitely navy in the light. LOVE on my fingers, can't wait to try the toes.

Yep, we're now the proud owners of this bad boy... We fell in love with it at West Elm last week... (it's cheaper there than at Macy's) but by some sheer luck (and sweet talking) we got it at Macy's for the West Elm price... and put it on gift cards! It now lives on our kitchen counter... which is not as pretty as the one in the picture, and let me tell you... according to Andrew, it makes a pretty great espresso.

I know this is a weird one, but I've been craving cookies lately. Since most have dairy, or gluten (both of which I'm trying to minimize) I picked these up last week. They're crunchy and crumbly, and have a great vanilla flavor. They definitely take care of my cookie cravings.

Because that's where we're getting MARRIED in 17 days!!
So much to do! Can't wait!
Happy Thursday! (It's almost Friday!!)

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