Friday, January 4, 2013

House Tour!

One of my favorite things about reading other peoples blogs is seeing their homes. You can tell a lot about a person by seeing where they live, and it's so interesting to see how their style compares to your own. (Plus, it motivates me to clean my own house... nobody ever photographs their house when it's a disaster.)
So this morning, I got up (cleaned my house) and went to town...
 The house was built in 1923. It's an old Bungalow, with lots of quirks, but TONS of charm. We moved in almost 2 years ago, and were given free reign to do whatever we wanted inside. Incidentally, we kept the paint colors as they were, but, if we decide to stay here another year, we might make a few changes.
Here's the whole house from the front. It's about 750 square feet, one bedroom, one bath.

The front porch. (that window is actually the back of our closet)

 The front door, which matches the window trim around the rest of the house. (Yes, I know I need to take my wreath down)

This is the view from the front door (with the cute pup on the sofa)
The house feels pretty open for being the small square footage that it is.

View facing the front door. The rug is Ikea, sofa is an Ikea Karlstad, coffee table & floral prints are vintage, the red rocker is an Eames (replica) and the gorgeous red bent plywood chairs are original Eames (on loan from some amazing friends)

 Another view, facing the (fake) fireplace, from the dining room.

Next you go into the dining room/office. This is the only reason we moved into a one bedroom. The dining room is SO big, we were able to fit two (Ikea) desks in there, along with our vintage Drexel dining set.

I wish we had a separate office, but this works pretty well for now. 

This is the view from the corner by Andrew's desk. Our CB2 pendant still needs to be shortened a little bit, but I love how shiny the brass fixture looks.

From the dining room, you enter the kitchen. the GIANT kitchen. We were pretty much sold on the house when we saw how big it is.
This is the view from the dining room.

It's the first room in the house that we'll paint if we decide to stay here another year. I'm thinking mid-dark gray...

I'm pretty sure the sink is close to original in the house. the faucet is wall mounted and has these crazy coils behind it.

 We actually added in this counter top. There was NO counter space except for the tiny area around the sink, before we moved in. It's from Ikea, and wall mounted on the left, and braced by an Ikea kitchen cart that we took the top off. (The top is actually the cutting board on the left of the counter.)
That door (with doggy door) goes out to Neville's grass area. 
And PS... Hooray for a washer & dryer! 

This hallway goes into straight into the bathroom and right to the bedroom. 

The bathroom was redone a few years before we moved in. It's not exactly our color scheme, but I LOVE the subway tiles.
The view from the door

Hidden toilet and storage above. A totally weird thing, that I love: when you open the door, you don't see the toilet right away! (I have to stand on it to get anything out of the cabinets.)

 Teeny pedestal sink. Makes for less clutter.

 Towels from our old house that matched the tile and paint colors perfectly.

The door off of the right of the hallway leads to our bedroom. Another room we will probably paint if we stay. Maybe a really light gray, or white.
The view from the door looks straight onto the patio... Which I will NOT be showing you, until spring, when it doesn't look abandoned. 

The bed is an Ikea Malm. We plan on designing/building our own bed soon, but we wanted to upgrade to a bigger size, so we got the Malm as a placeholder. 
Wow, the room looks really bare in this photo. I swear, in real life, it doesn't look like a cell. If you look closely, you can see the little wire heart above the bed.
Oh, please ignore the window mounted AC unit. It's actually sealed permanently into the window... Yes, you're right, the window doesn't open. At all. But we actually use the unit in the summer when it's really hot, because the wall with the French doors gets a ton of sunlight and tends to boil us. 

The dresser is an Ikea Malm also. We wanted to go simple, simple. because we really didn't want a dresser to begin with, but the closet isn't huge. But, I really love how it looks now with the art from my grandparents house on it. The chair to the right is one that Andrew made when he was in college. It's perfect for putting on shoes and socks (And laying almost-dry laundry).

So, that's our place! Our lease is up next month, but we plan on going month-to-month until we decide if we're moving out of the area. We LOVE this place, and our landlord is amazing. We half-joke all the time about buying it, and gutting most of the place, so who knows what the future will bring!
Hope you like it!

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  1. Rachel, I love your home, it's so pretty. Love those hardwood floors....