Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Years Resolutions: Part 2

Happy New Year! Here's the second part of my New Years Resolutions... 
Going along with my 2013 motto 
"Never do anything by halves if you want to get away with it. Be outrageous. Go the whole hog"is this blog. I started it so I would have a way to remember things as my crazy life gets crazier, and also as a way for me to express my creativity. I'm a writer at heart, and don't get to exercise that part of my brain that often in my everyday life. So, this has become my outlet. What started as a daily journal of sorts, has now turned into something I LOVE to do, and I think (I hope!) I'm pretty good at it. I see all of these other blogs that I've been reading for a while now, and I think "I can do that". I would LOVE to be a "blogger" like the amazing women I read (see the "Link Love" list for some of my favorites)
So, along the lines of "never do anything by halves..." I'm going all in on this blogging thing in 2013. We bought a camera. A good one. A Nikon D5100. It's a DSLR and takes WAY better photos than my iPhone. It's a grown up move, and I felt it was a necessity if I wanted to move forward. 

(Plus, Andrew can use it for work also)

Also, I'm doing my research on the business of blogging. I've started reading a book called Blog, Inc. written by one of my favorite bloggers, Joy Cho at Oh Joy! And, I'm signing up for a blogging webinar in March hosted through decor8. I'd like to really see where I can take this... I'm feeling pretty confident about 2013 so far, and am looking SO forward to what's coming... 
Oh yeah, and the wedding is in 24 days!

I'll leave you with some of the photos we've taken with our new amazing camera. I'm still learning how to use it, but so far it's making even MY photos look good...   

Happy 2013! It's gonna be a good one...


  1. Good for you!!!! So many opportunities in this whole blogging thing. Good luck!

  2. I love your entire blog it is so funny! It makes me feel like we are right down the street sometimes. 23 days baby!

  3. I'm still getting used to the fact that people actually comment on here! Thanks for the encouragement!