Tuesday, January 8, 2013

On Strong Women...

This isn't the post I planned on writing today. I wanted to write about something fun, like my new nail polish, or the 3 hours it took us to figure out our seating chart. Instead, when I sat down at my computer this morning, I started thinking about strong women, and how many I know. 
I found out yesterday, that a family that I've known from work for almost a year, had a horrible thing happen to them recently. The dad was in an accident and is now a paraplegic. He's a young guy, in amazing shape, with two energetic little boys. The mom called yesterday to pay her bill... She called from the ICU unit where her husband was admitted... She wanted to make sure if/when her boys came back to classes, they were caught up. Trying to get them to live their lives as normal. I couldn't believe, that in the midst of all of the chaos and change, she remembered to call US. She's a strong woman if I've ever seen one... Being there for her husband, and making sure her kids get to do the things they love. I can't possibly imagine what she's going through, thinking, feeling at this moment. Her life has changed drastically and she's powering through... Strong woman.
I remember a few years ago reading one of my other favorite blogs and being sent to another one. About a young mom (young... 22 I think) who's 18 month old daughter had fallen into a creek, and was fighting for her life. I read her blog every day, crying, and when the little girl didn't make it, I was devastated, I didn't even KNOW them, and it affected me to the core. But this mom is a strong woman and kept living her life.
This mom kept blogging, through the unimaginable pain she and her husband were going through, and returned slowly to their lives, forever changed.
Now, this young mom has a little boy, she writes almost daily about him, and his sister in heaven. Again, I in no way can fathom what she went, and is still going through, on a daily basis. But this is another strong woman, who no no matter what, has kept her life going, for her son, and also for his sisters memory.
My mom's mother was a fighter. Another strong woman. She was sick for so many years, gathering us all on the East Coast multiple times thinking it was the end... But she fought and fought for those years. When she finally passed, no one thought she was giving up. She had fought as hard as she could, strong woman that she was.
My mom herself, is an amazingly strong woman. She's had her ups and downs with her health, weird things have happened with her work, and yet there she is, pushing along every day, putting up with her (sometimes difficult) daughters, husband, and mother-in-law every day. 
(You want to talk about strong women, my dad's mother raised 5 boys... enough said.)

As I sit here, stressing about the last few wedding things we have to do, I think about the things that these women have (and ARE) going through, and I know that my stresses are minimal, and that everything will turn out perfectly on our big day. And if it doesn't, and every married day isn't perfect (yeah right), I know that I'm a strong woman, thanks to my mom and others around me. And in the words of one of these strong women I read about almost daily, "I can do hard things"


  1. This is perfect Rachel! As your wedding day approaches, you will be (and are) stressed but you are 100% correct. Life is full a lot of difficult challenges and sometime we all have to remind ourselves of that when we get wrapped up in our stuff. I love you.