Thursday, January 17, 2013

Streamlining the Kitchen

Things are still crazy town around here, but I decided I NEEDED to get somewhat of a worthwhile post in here today since I missed yesterday... Sorry for the iPhone photo... The camera is filled with wedding projects, and I didn't have time to sift through them all!
The main part of our house purge before the New Year took place in the kitchen. Yes, we sifted through tons of clothes, and sent a lot to Good Will, but the kitchen was our main focus. We don't have a ton of cabinet space, and I was tired of having to fight my way through the boxes of cereal and bags of rice to find what I was looking for. So, we went through them, shelf by shelf, threw out things that were old, took a bunch of things that weren't perishable to a food bank, and reorganized everything that was left. I had registered for a bunch of the glass swing-top Ball-esque jars, and we decided to put them to good use. So the crumpled boxes and ripped bags were replaced (recycled, of course) by the neat and stackable jars. We actually ended up ordering more when we returned a few duplicate gifts, and now our cabinets look like this!

Nice and organized, everything is visible, and stays fresh longer. Plus, they're nice to look at. My next goal is to start buying the cereals and dry goods we use from the bulk aisles so we can minimize the cardboard and plastic waste even more so.
And now, back to the madness that is the last 9 days of wedding planning...

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