Monday, January 7, 2013

Wardrobe Blues...

Ever have those days (weeks, months) where you hate almost everything in your closet? Well, I'm having that right now. We just went through and purged the house. I took 2 full bags of clothes to Good Will and now it feels like I have no clothes, and I feel like I'm wearing the same 4 outfits every week, just rotating the days so I'm not seen by the same people 2 weeks in a row in the same outfit.
We're trying to simplify our lives this year. Make things easier, and get rid of clutter. The streamlined dresser and closet are helping us along that goal. But it's still hard to not run out and replace everything I got rid of.
I came across this on Pinterest a while back, and I'm proud to say that I have most of the things on the list. 

So yes, I do have many of the wardrobe staples on this list, but it doesn't mean I love every outfit I put on. Some days I feel like I just throw something together and it's just clothes. Doing their job, keeping me covered, but I'm not happy with what I'm wearing. Other days, I'm so excited that something I threw on actually looks how I wanted it to look. I call those my "good outfit days" and they put me in a great mood the whole day. (Then there's also the days where I end up in workout clothes and sneakers all day long. The perks of working in an athletic facility I guess...)
 I would love to go out today and buy all new clothes. I can think of about 30 pieces that I'd love, right off the top of my head. But in keeping with the Streamlined 2013, I'm waiting...
Plus, I've gotta finish this wedding business (19 days!) before I even can think of anything besides seating charts, favors, and ceremony music.
Happy Monday!

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