Tuesday, February 5, 2013

All New Everything.

I know I promised more wedding behind-the-scenes, but this post is worth the interruption...
So far, this year has been off to a great start... Crazy, and far from calm, cool, or even kinda collected. The wedding consumed the first few weeks of the month, and just when we thought everything would go back to normal (well, normal for us, anyway) 2 more big things happened. (No, I'm not pregnant, by the way)

(Great photo in front of the painted wall at the Ace)

I'll start with the second. 
As you know, we'd been on the fence about renewing our lease, or moving, or anything. Right after the wedding, we decided that we were going to renew our lease, stay for another year, and then decide if we're staying/going/etc. We had made plans to paint the house, get the plumbing checked, and call it ours for 12 more months.
Until Wednesday. 
While we were in Joshua Tree, I got a text message from our landlord saying that she wanted to talk about some "upcoming house plans". I immediately knew that she was going to tell us that she was selling the house. I just KNEW it.
And I was right. 
She had moved out of the state, has no intentions of coming back, and wants to get rid of it. So, our plan of staying one more year is most likely foiled. Unless, we can buy it. Which we might. If we qualify. We have visions of buying it, gutting the kitchen and yard, and renting it out when we need more space. (Passive Income)
We have NO idea what we can afford, purchase wise. We know what we can afford in rent, but have zero idea of how it all works if we buy. We're looking into that this week, and we'll see. If we can't/don't want to buy it, we'll be moving. Somewhere in Long Beach for sure, (because of the first big thing that happened). If we can afford more than our little house is worth, maybe we'll buy something else, or maybe we'll just rent again. Who knows!? At this point, it's all up in the air, dependent on what she's asking for it, and what we can afford. We went from this whole plan of renting another year, to maybe purchasing, in 24 hours. It's all exciting, scary, crazy, and grown up... all at once!
So nuts, right?

And now the first big thing. 
The first big thing that happened, happened the morning of the wedding, and came in the form of a phone call... While I was getting my hair done. A few weeks ago, a friend of mine posted on Facebook that she had a friend that was looking to hire and admin assistant/manager for her firm. Since that's what my background is in (development, administrative management, etc), I told her I was interested. I interviewed the week before the wedding, not expecting to hear back until this week or next. Well, the morning of the wedding, my phone rang, and it was that friend 
(apologizing that she was calling the morning of the wedding, but had good cause)
telling me that the firm wanted to bring me on. 
I've been at AGA for almost 10 years now, since my first week of college. It's been my home, the families have been my families, and it's a very bittersweet parting. But, it's an amazing career move and as much as I'll miss everyone here, it's what's best for me. I'm grateful for every connection I've made, everything I've learned, and all of the things I've been able to be a part of. I've been able to watch the most amazing kids grow up from babies to children, some of them to teenagers, and I am so lucky to have been able to be even a small part of their lives. 
I've grown up a lot since I started here also. 18 years old, just out of high school, my first time away from home, and my first REAL job. I'd been coaching for about 5 years, but this was new, and real, and not the tiny gym I grew up in. It's been such an amazing part of my life, and as much as I'm sad to see it go, it's made me who I am today, and I am grateful for every single experience.

So, now the family's all gone home and it's just me, Andrew, and Neville, and all of the new-ness is setting in. It's kinda exciting to think about, scary, yet exciting...

New Year
New Husband
New Last Name
New Job
and a New (maybe!) House
All New Everything.


  1. Oh MAN! Way to pack the change in there gal! Happy for you and all of your new adventures!

  2. Thanks Kryssie! Crazy times... Will miss you guys!!