Monday, February 4, 2013

I'm Back! With the First Post on Our Wedding Madness...

Yes! It's true! I'm finally back from the crazy 1.5 week of madness that was our wedding! It was an amazing time, and I will have photos of the big day soon. But first, as promised. I'm posting about all of the crafts and things we did for the day.
Andrew and I are pretty creative people. We like to take a vision and turn it into something tangible. So, when it came to the wedding decor and such, we got down to it, put our ideas out there, and made them happen.  
The color scheme for the wedding was black and white, with pops of gold and fuchsia. We took the idea from the proposal poster, and all of the different shades of fuchsia and pinks. 

When it came down to it, we weren't too picky about the shades, and in the end, really loved the combination of the different pinks. More on the colors later, let's start with the wedding guest favors.

We had decided months ago that we wanted to infuse olive oil, and then along the way, it morphed into olive oil AND vodka...
We researched online different ways to do this, got our ingredients, and set to work around Christmas time. Everything we read said the oils take 3-4 weeks, and vodka 2-3 weeks.
So, we did the olive oil first! All of the tips online said that anything you put into olive oil needs to be dry. Any water in the oil can cause harmful bacteria growth. So after a trip to the Farmers Market, we washed our herbs (rosemary, and sage), and peeled our Meyer Lemons, and set everything out overnight to dry.

Then we pulled the tops off of our giant Costco bottles of olive oil, and basically just dropped them in. 

After they were filled, we set them under the kitchen counter, and left them alone for a few weeks.

The vodka was pretty much the same, except we used fresh fruits and vanilla beans. The alcohol will kill bacteria, so drying isn't necessary. 

 Vanilla beans.


 Pomegranate seeds. 

After a few weeks under the counter, it was time to bottle. We ordered these little bottles online, and when we were ready, used a funnel and a steady hand to fill them.

 We added a piece of the herbs and lemon to each little bottle to give it a little extra flavor as well.

For the vodka, we noticed that little pieces of whatever was infused were floating in the big bottles. So we strained it through a (clean!) stocking over a mixing bowl, then funneled it into the bottles.
The vodkas came out colored rather than clear like store bought, but they tasted amazing! Especially the vanilla.

 Couldn't resist this photo!

We added a label and some gold and white Washi tape to each bottle, then when we got to Palm Springs, laid them out in table order and tied a place card to each one. They were set at each table, so guests found their name on the giant seating chart in the front of the room, then found their seat at each table! (Of course, I don't have a close up photo of a labeled bottle)

Everyone said they were a big hit! We put a lot of effort into everything we did for the wedding, and this was one of our favorite parts. More posts about the rest of the crafts will be coming soon! 
Also, just when we thought the craziness would be subsiding, two huge, awesome, exciting, scary things happened in the days after the wedding... Stay tuned for posts on those as well!

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