Monday, February 11, 2013

New Knives! (And Putting Them to Use!)

I had planned another post with wedding behind the scenes business, but just realized that the decor photos I wanted to use haven't made it to my computer yet. So, instead, I will introduce you to the newest member(s) of the Clark household... 
Andrew's new babies...

 Now, I know it's weird for knives to be considered like children, but if you had seen what we were working with before, it would make sense. Neither of us had bought knives in maybe 8 years... I don't think I ever have, mine were all hand me downs from my parents. 
So, when West Elm's Market General Store started carrying these amazing knives by Schmidt Brothers Cutlery we fell in love. Not only are they high quality (even Oprah touts them) and reasonably priced (our set of 5, plus 1 cost $60), they're a family business (yes, really brothers) and we love supporting small family businesses. 

So, we brought our new babies home yesterday, just in time to put them to good use in making appetizers to bring to a small dinner party we were attending. The main course was fried chicken, so we wanted to bring something that wasn't TOO heavy, but still flavorful. We went with one of our old favorites, that we actually served during cocktail hour at the wedding: Crostini.
We decided on 3 different types, and of course, a trip to Trader Joe's (and a short stop at Whole Foods) got us everything we needed, for under $30.

Sun Dried Tomato & Goat Cheese 

 Salmon & Chive Cream Cheese

Fig Jam, Goat Cheese, & Toasted Pistachios
(My favorite!)

New Knives!!

 Andrew cutting the bread, because I'm challenged in that area... Doesn't matter if it's scissors, a cutting board, or a knife, I can't cut straight. Ever. 

 Chive Cream Cheese, mixed by me!

Amazing Trader Joe's Sun Dried Tomatoes... So perfect.  

The recipe is simple... duh.. Spread cheese, top with goodies. We did toast the pistachios in the oven a bit to bring out the flavor... But that was as fancy as we got.
And here they are!

 Not too extravagant, but they look pretty fancy, and there weren't any left after the party!

 Pretty simple, and satisfying.

So yay for our new knives, and a yummy appetizer. Happy Monday everyone!

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