Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Palm Springs Modernism Week: The Goods

Besides the amazing food we ate in Palm Springs, the main reason we were there was for the Modernism Expo. The Convention Center was filled with booths belonging to different shops, from all over the US, carrying the best of the best of Midcentury Modern Design. Like I said, it totally made me want to sell EVERYTHING we own and start all over. 
So here we go, my favorites from the day:
(Sorry for the iPhone photos!)

This white dresser would be perfect in a bedroom, or in a living room for media storage.

 I have a crazy obsession with white marble coffee tables right now. We're actually hoping to make one soon. Lets also talk about the Saarinen table behind it. SO gorgeous... Would work perfectly in a small dining room.

This one's stone, but look at those legs!

 Oh the fabric. I'm in love with this whole stack. Especially the geometric teal, orange, and purple one on the bottom of the first stack. It looks like bows!

 Who can resist these vintage planters? I can see them filled with succulents or palm trees on either side of a front door. 

What's better than a bent plywood chair? a COWHIDE covered bent plywood chair. Super cute in a cowboy-themed room, or really, anywhere.

This rocker is gorgeous. And comfortable... So comfortable. The teak is in amazing condition and I could have sat in it for hours. Perfect for a library or nursery.

Ah yes, the Eames Lounge. My favorite thing in the whole Expo. We WILL have one of these in our home one day. Such a classic piece. One of Andrew's ultimate favorites as well. 

So those are my favorites from the show. We'll see which ones show up in our new house... When we figure out where that actually is! 

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