Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Behind the Scenes: Bridal Party Gifts.

So, after yesterdays announcements, I'm back with more wedding behind the scenes. This time, I wanted to show you our bridal party gifts!
Andrew first... 
Because the guys were wearing black suits, black ties, and white shirts, Andrew wanted to make sure we pulled the fuchsia colors in somewhere. He decided that the socks and pocket squares would be the best place to do that. He found this awesome company, The Tie Bar, that carries ties, pocket squares, and tie bars, all for about $15 each. SO perfect.
He got everyone a black skinny tie, and not wanting to over do the fuchsia, he picked this pocket square

This tie bar (in yellow gold, not rose)

And after weeks of searching, a pair of fuchsia Vince Camuto socks (on sale!) at Nordstrom.
(Of course, no photo, because I'm a terrible blogger)

For the girls, I knew I wanted to do jewelry, but because everyone had a different dress, I knew necklaces probably wouldn't work. So, I consulted my trusty Etsy, and found gold, hand-stamped initial charms for $5 a pop, went to the bead store on the corner, and picked up gold chain, and some fuchsia beads. then I spent an afternoon with my beading tools and came up with these!

Please excuse the state of our dining table. It needs to be refinished. Badly. 

After deciding the bracelets weren't enough bling, I made a trip to Forever 21 and picked up 6 different pairs of sparkly earrings (for less than $7 each!)
I put them together on a cute little card like this...

The girls loved them! And they looked really great in photos also.

Along with the wearables, we wanted to give the bridal party another gift that they could use more often. Naturally, the first thing that came to mind was alcohol... well, specifically, vessels for alcohol... aka glasses.
With stickers as stencils, Ikea glassware, and gold spray paint (food safe, of course) we came up with these!

Rocks for the guys, champagne for the girls!
 A little masking tape and some stencil stickers and we were good to go.

We were pretty happy with how all of the gifts turned out, and I think the bridal party was too! I'll be back tomorrow with more behind the scenes decor business... and maybe a few wedding photos!

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