Tuesday, March 5, 2013

30 Days...

Sorry guys, Photo Booth post #2 is being postponed... We found out yesterday that our house sold, and we have 30 days to "vacate the property". First of all, I can't believe someone paid the ridiculous price she was asking. And second of all, we were SURE we would have 60 days... It seems like a super fast escrow.
So now, the search is on... We've gotta find something! We're going to look at a place tonight that looks super promising... 5 blocks from where we live now, with a huge yard, and a second bedroom... Fingers crossed! 
For now, here's a few things I'd like to do, when we actually find a place...

I'm obsessed right now with dark gray. I think maybe one accent wall in the bedroom would be enough color, without closing the room in.

 Navy kitchen. Sigh, another obsession lately... Such a great way to add dimension to a usually light room of the house.

Fire pit. We said we were putting one in this house for almost the whole time we lived here, and never did. I will have one in our next place.

Wallpaper: I WILL have wallpaper in this house... even if it's the temporary kind. Even Andrew agrees, wallpaper is SO much better than it used to be... Not your grandmas country scenes, or floral nightmares. (Most of my first memories consist of the wallpaper with dolls on it in my bedroom growing up... I loved it!)

I have all of these great ideas, now we just have to find a place! Fingers crossed for tonight, and updates, AND photo booth pics will come soon!

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