Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pack it up, Pack it in...

Yes, I did just quote Jump Around in the title of this post... Don't judge me...
But, it's totally fitting and appropriate, I swear. 
If you saw my Instagram yesterday, you saw this

My Faux-CD caused me to start packing. Three weeks before we're moving. Yep, I'm that person.
But, at least we have somewhere to TAKE everything. 
That's right folks, we found a house! 
The place we looked at on Wednesday night is now ours (after we give our deposit tomorrow). It's pretty perfect, and I can't wait until Neville sees the giant backyard.
But, back to the super early packing... Tn my defense, I only packed things that we don't use everyday, and I got rid of a TON of things I've been avoiding cleaning. Our goal is to get rid of everything we don't use, and only take things that we WILL use... Seems simple, right? Well, I look at all of the stuff we have sitting around, that's travelled with us from our last 2 homes, and I think "Why the hell didn't we get rid of this stuff 2 years ago?!"
Well, I'm not doing that again. It's purge time. The built-ins are done, and next comes the dreaded living room closet, then the cabinets above the toilet. Wish me luck, because in the next week or so, I'm delving in... Preferably while Andrew's not home so I can throw away whatever I want...
I'll take some good "before" photos of the place empty tomorrow so our progress will be tracked once we move in... Which, by the way, is supposed to happen while we're in Vegas. As if moving weren't stressful enough, we have to now pack right before our trip, and have it all ready to move right after... Crazy town, I tell ya...

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