Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rivet & Sway

I can't remember if I posted about this yet, but I won another giveaway on a blog!
 Rivet & Sway is another website where you can order glasses online. There's a few sites like this (Warby Parker and Lookmatic are 2 other sites). You choose from the multitude of frames on the site, send your prescription to them and in a short period of time, you get brand new glasses (usually for a lot less than going through the eye doctor). The great thing also, is that most sites let you try on a few pairs for free before you order.
The difference between the sites is that Rivet & Sway only carries glasses for women, so they're all made a little smaller than unisex. Joy Cho from Oh Joy! partnered with R&S for an awesome giveaway. 3 random winners won 3 pairs of prescription glasses... each! Well, I was one of the random winners! So I went through the process, ordered 3 rounds of try-ons and finally settled on 3 pairs (of the 9 I tried!) I sent in my prescription, which I had called in from my eye doctor, figured out my pupillary distance, by using the program on Warby Parker's site, and ordered my three (free!!) pairs.
I'll spare you the try-on photos (after my run... not a pretty sight) and just show you the frames I chose!

The Punchline

The Faster Pussycat

The Six Shooter

Yep, I got pink glasses! The other two aren't the colors I chose (green/brown for Faster Pussycat, and shiny black for Six Shooter)
For someone that only has bought glasses every 2-3 years, and rarely found pairs that fit well, I'm super excited. They're really well made, comfy, and look great. Plus, having three pairs means that I won't easily forget my glasses.
So, yay for me, and my random good luck (I honestly am one of those people that never wins anything... I swear!) We've got 2 weeks left in this house and we're continuing to pack a little bit a day. It feels like we're finally making a dent. I'm going to do my best to post in the next few weeks, and hopefully I can stick to it!


  1. Thanks for the great write-up Rachel and stoked to know that you won Joy's contest. Love the Punchlines but the Six Shooters are closest to my heart (names after my Great Grandmother).


    Rivet & Sway CEO

    1. Thanks John! Sorry for the delay in response, I've been a terrible blogger the last 6 months... but I'm back now, and still loving your product!