Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Back! For Reals...

Well, that hiatus was a little longer than expected! This move was But, it's been about 2 weeks, and we're like 85% in. The place is great. We're so happy here... We have more space, a huge backyard, and a fabulous landlord. I have about a million house photos on the camera, so slowly but surely, I'll be posting about our madness. And, I PROMISE I'll finish up those wedding photos at some point...
It's really been a crazy start to this year: the wedding, new job, and a new house, so I really feel horrible that I've taken so much time off of this... But, I'm back, photos are being uploaded, and I'm actually waking up at a normal hour. 
So, without further ado... Here's the 10th Street House!
(Side note, bigger house does not necessarily mean more storage, so you'll see how we've dealt with that in a couple posts...)

Here's the house when we first got our keys. When we did our first walk through a few weeks before, the house wasn't even finished yet. Our landlord bought it in January to flip it, and then decided not to sell it. So, it's been completely redone, from windows to wiring. It's really like moving into a brand new house.
Everything was painted the standard rental "Swiss Coffee". Our lovely landlord said he had no problems with us painting, so that was the first thing we did. Before we moved anything over. We decided we were going to move like grown ups and do it the right way, so painting was done in an empty house, and let me tell you, so much easier.

(Sorry for the lovely colored photos... I'm really bad at lighting...)
We chose the smaller of the two bedrooms as our room because to me, it felt more like a bedroom. 

The bigger room has an added on closet and to me, feels more like an office. We put our desk in there, and will add a sofa bed or something soon. 

Every window in the house had ugly old vertical blinds on them, so one of the first things we did was take them down and put up the same Ikea roller shades we had at the last house. The dining room and guest room are still rocking the verticals for now, but they're next on the list...
Here's the kitchen... Considerably smaller than our old house, laundry room (!!), bathroom, and dining room... Also considerably smaller than the old house... with the lovely mint green vertical shades.

We are so thrilled to be here. Neville loves it, and Andrew and I have slept better here in the last two weeks than we ever did in two years at the old house. The backyard is amazing and I can't wait to do a whole post on what we're doing back there...
So, that's the Before Photos... Terrible quality Before Photos. Tomorrow I'll post the Afters.. It's crazy what a difference some paint makes!


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