Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Happening...

Guys, I'm sorry to say, but I've been falling back into that terrible blogger phase again where I can't seem to get on here enough!
I really am sorry! I hate using the fact that it's been crazy madness around here, but it's the truth! Between work, working out (I've been going to Bar Method Long Beach daily, and it's been kicking my booty into shape!), and working on the house, I've hardly sat down at my computer at all. In the words of Chris Trager, "Literally" not at all.
Here's a quick recap (sorry for the iPhone photos) of a few things going on around here...

I took a hanging planter, spray painted it teal, and hung it in our kitchen to use as a fruit basket.
It allows more air to get to the fruit on the bottom so we have less mushy fruit that has to be tossed.

We were gifted this absolutely gorgeous terrarium that I totally enjoyed filling and hanging in the corner of the living room. It's my new favorite place in the house. I could stare at it

The orange markers show where we're going to lay out a concrete paver deck in the yard next weekend. I realize this is the first ever photo that I've posted of the yard... and it's from my phone. I'm sorry for that! There WILL be a better post on it once we start the deck. 

My once leaning, sad avocado tree now has a place of honor on the side of the yard. So what if the wall is holding him up for now? He'll get strong soon now that he's out of his confining pot. (please ignore the brown spot in the grass... the gardener is working on it)

And I'll leave you with a sleepy Neville from this weekend.

So, there's my quick little attempt at catching you all up. I'll figure my stuff out soon and get on here more often again!


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