Monday, April 22, 2013

Just a Little Note...

It's Monday. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) Monday's are hard. Especially after a relaxing weekend. and ESPECIALLY after lunch. The food drowsiness starts to set in, and you start counting down the hours... no matter what your job is. You plug away and accomplish your tasks, and just roll with it.
Today is not a bad day, by any means. It's actually a pretty good day. It's still a Monday though and it's warm in my office, I'm kinda full from lunch, and I've just been plugging away.
About 5 minutes ago, my phone buzzed. I looked and saw a Facebook notification that someone had written on my wall. When I checked it, my Monday got a little brighter. It was a sweet little note from a family member saying she was thinking about us. Just that little sentence made me smile, and my case of the Mondays faded a bit. 

Take a little time today, Monday, a week after a rough Monday for Boston, and all of us, really, to send someone a note, a smile, or a hug... It might just be the thing that gets them through the day.
Happy Monday, everyone!


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