Friday, April 19, 2013

Our "Faux-Denzas".

My favorite project in our new house thus far, has a name that Andrew can't stand. I first came across the idea of "faux-denzas" here on mint love social club. I was obsessed with the idea of building these sleek credenzas out of something as simple as kitchen cabinets. Even though our last house didn't have the space for them, I started looking into them. Turns out, mint love found them here.
So, when we moved into the new house, and had even LESS storage than before, I decided we needed them. Andrew agreed... Only if I stopped calling them "faux-denzas" (I did not).
We followed the basic instructions that Brick House did, picked Ikea Akurum cabinets and Applad doors, along with all of the hardware pieces. 
We decided that instead of one ginormous long piece, we would make two smaller faux.. ahem, sorry CREdenzas... One for the bar, and one to house our media.

We used the standard Ikea railing system and hung them just as you would if you were using them in a kitchen. (FYI, it's really hard to find studs in the wall when your stud finder is broken... as my husband, or just look at the ten holes drilled behind the cabinets)

Notice the super white walls... Snazzy huh?

Here's a few more photos of the TV credenza.

I know the TV isn't centered between the 4 doors, but it is on the wall... and actually now looks a whole lot less lopsided than it did that day.

Here's the bar! Not only does it house all of our cocktail paraphernalia, it also holds all of my large serving dishes that didn't fit in the teeny kitchen. Boom. Two birds...

After the cabinets were mounted, we moved on to what I think, really makes them stand out: The wood tops and siding.
After quite some time at Home Depot, we finally decided on a solid poplar. We were going to go to a lumberyard, but when we saw the Home Depot selection wasn't bad, (neither were the prices) we went for it.

We brought the wood home, cut it to size, sanded, and then just like Brick House, stained and waxed them.

 After one coat.

After two coats and wax. (I don't have a photo of the wax we used, but it's called Feed & Wax)

Here's the pieces before we mounted them... Already looks better!

And here's some finished shots. Excuse my lighting.

 Not bad huh?! The wood really pops against the white walls and doors, and just looks really clean.

Close up of the edges.

 The whole wall. (There's now a shelf to hold glassware over it, but more on that later)

So, there's our first big project in the house! Oh! The black trim on the right edge of the wall in that last photo? Chalkboard paint! Right next to where we put our keys... So we can remind each other to pick up groceries, or Neville from camp.
More house projects coming soon, and a post on our giant backyard!



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