Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Durings...

As promised, I'm back... Woot!
I was going to post the new house Afters today, but I wanted to post a few During the Madness photos also, so you can see the progression.
Like I said, the first thing we did was paint. We spent about a week choosing colors. We knew we wanted the majority of the house white, then a darker color for the bedroom. It's funny, most people move into a new place and HATE white walls. We can't get enough of them. 
So we got our keys on a Thursday night, Friday we taped and painted the bedroom and the living room.
(When I say "we", I really mean Andrew, while I cleaned and/or napped on the floor with Neville)
And, as I mentioned yesterday, we did this the right way... Empty house, removing switch plates, taping the baseboards, and covering the floor. This was OUR home, and we didn't want to half-ass anything.
(Side note: A stroke of genius caused Andrew to buy brown kraft paper instead of plastic painters tarps for the floor... SO brilliant. Easy to tape down, non-slip, and easy to clean up) 

The living room became a bright white, with an eggshell finish. SO much nicer and cleaner than the Swiss Coffee our landlord chose. I'm not sure if you can REALLY tell the difference in my horrible photos, but I promise, the white is rad. 
Our bedroom became Magnatite gray. If you asked me the brand, I couldn't tell you right now. I know I have the swatch somewhere...

More of those lovely vertical shades... I promise those are down now.

Just like I posted before the move, I got my gray bedroom. And let me tell you: it's amazeballs. SO dark and cozy at night, and just completely warm during the day.
(Check out the sneak peak of the backyard through that last photo... I get so excited thinking about it!)
I'm totally dragging out the Before to After time ratio, but I'll post tomorrow with the paint Afters, and another bigger storage project post will be coming soon!


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