Friday, June 7, 2013

Home Sick Soup

On Monday, I came home sick from work around lunch time: fever, headache, nauseous... the worst. And to top it all off, I was hungry... It kinda sucks, being hungry on top of feeling so lousy. I knew there was only one thing I wanted. Egg Drop Soup. But, not the one from Chinese restaurants, this weird, and completely UNauthentic soup that an old friends older sister used to make, back when I was like 10 years old.
Yes, I know... SO weird... but it's literally the only thing I ever want when I'm sick and it's perfect every time. 
Here's what it usually consists of:
Chicken broth
Canned corn
Eggs (Scrambled into the boiling broth)
I know, I REALLY know... It sounds SO weird... I've adapted it over the years, adding miso paste, tofu, noodles, basically anything that I had in the kitchen at that point in time.
On Monday, I was missing the corn, and out of miso paste... But here's what I did have:

Fish Sauce
Sesame Oil
Green Onions
Chicken Broth
(And lettuce which I forgot to put in the photo)

So I rolled with it.
I threw all the veggies in the broth and waited for it to boil.

 Once it boiled, I added the green onions and the egg.

Then the fish sauce and sesame oil (I added more later to taste also.)

After the egg had been added, I let it boil for another minute.

 That's it! SUCH a random combination, but it's the only thing that ever sounds good when I'm sick, and it definitely hit the spot this time too, even adapted as I did. 

It's SO unauthentic but so easy, and basically a "kitchen sink" meal. Don't knock it til you try it... and you should really.. try it!

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