Monday, June 3, 2013


Mornings are a funny thing in the Clark house. Andrew gets up around 6:15, showers, makes his coffee, and heads out. He has an hour and a half (plus) commute, so he gets out of here as early as he can. As for me, every day is a little different. I consider myself a morning person. I like being up and being productive. On the weekends, I'm up and usually at a workout before 8:00. But for some reason, the week is a little different. I go into work around 9:00, but it literally takes me 8 minutes to get to my office. Some days, I get up early, when Andrew gets up. I'll straighten up the house, take a little extra time getting ready, and enjoy my breakfast while catching up on the blogs I follow.
Today though, is not one of those mornings. It's 7:45 and I'm laying in bed. 
I've gotten up, brushed my teeth, and that's about it. Neville's asleep next to me, and I'm enjoying the comfort of the morning for a little bit longer. I'll get up in a few, and get on with my day, but for now, I'm perfectly content laying here, listening to the ceiling fan, and Neville's soft snoring. 
(He caught me taking the photo...)

I had a whole post planned for Friday about Neville on his birthday but my photos were loading all weird, so there he is, in all of his sleepy two-year-old glory. You can read the short version of how Neville came to be ours, here.
Happy (late) birthday, Neville, and Happy Monday, everyone.

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