Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Patchwork 2013

Last Sunday was the Patchwork Festival at the LB Marina. We try to go every time it's in town, and I've posted before about my previous finds here. This year, I went with one thing in mind: Candles. Pommes Frites Candles to be exact. 
(Well, two really, if you count the Seabirds Truck vegan Jack tacos... which I didn't photograph because I was too busy stuffing my face.) 
The candles hand poured locally in Long Beach and the scents are amazing. (And the owner, Kristen, is super awesome and if she's reading this... which would mean I actually have readers... props to you lady!)
I purchased the Teakwood & Tobacco from her Etsy shop a few months back, and we've nearly burned it down to the bottom of the jar.
On Sunday, they debuted their new scent Amber & Moss. And I have to say, I like it just as much as the other. It's a softer scent, and not as masculine as the teakwood, but homey and delicious just the same.

(They're both hanging out on our bar right now, just begging to be lit.)

The second thing I came home with was a necklace. I always find tons of awesome jewelry at Patchwork, and this time was no different. 
And I feel absolutely TERRIBLE, because I've lost the business card of the super cute girl that made it! When I find it, I'll re post... Promise.
It's hand painted brass, on a silver chain. So simple and chic, yet edgy at the same time. (Excuse my photo, I was playing with lighting and locations in the house... Yes, that is the baseboard in my living room.)

More playing with the camera, sorry... What you don't see is that the necklace is hanging from the dog's leash, which is hanging from a hook next to the door... Pretty clever huh?

So, I left the show with two pretty great finds... And spent under $60. That, in my book, is a successful day.

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