Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Paris (Part 1)

Guys, we went to Paris... I know, I can't believe it either! Since we had to move right after the wedding, we didn't have the chance to go on a honeymoon. So, in August, when Andrew said "Hey, let's go to Paris", I was totally on board.
We had planned on going to Florida in October to run a 5K and visit family, so we booked our tickets from there.
The travel was cray. We flew from Florida to Boston, then Boston overnight to London, then jumped on the Eurostar to Paris.
It was basically 24 hours of travel, so no wonder when we finally got to our apartment, I looked like this:

Gorgeous, I know. Thanks, Husband for this lovely memento.
The apartment, which we found on airbnb was perfect. Tiny, but perfect.
We stayed in St. Germain, in the 5th. It's a super high-end area, with amazing shops and restaurants. 
Oh, did I mention, our flat was on the 4th floor of this gorgeous building?

And up these stairs... All 75 of them. 
Needless to say, I got my thigh workout while we were there.

Like I said before, I don't have a ton of photos from the trip, because, of course, I'm a terrible blogger, We mostly stayed in the 5th. We went with the mentality that we wanted to just relax and enjoy the city so we didn't do a lot of the touristy things. 
Our neighborhood was right near the river so we walked along it quite often. The buildings in Paris are amazing. You can see the history of the city everywhere you look. 

The Louvre is massive. You don't even realize you're on the campus, it's so big.
The gardens around it are so gorgeous. 

We walked through them many times, and even saw groups of dogs running around with their owners!

Of course, being October, the weather was unpredictable and although I read the weather report before we left, I didn't plan on it being as cold as it was and I didn't pack a jacket. I know. Stupid, right? I was so happy that I fit everything in a carry on, that I totally forgot it!
So, I layered sweaters and scarves and bundled up as much as possible. It worked for about 2/3 of the trip... the last day, I was an icicle.

Blogger just started acting up, so that's it for the photos in this post! I'll be back soon with Paris, Part 2, and a Thanksgiving table set up!


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