Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Happening...

Guys, I'm sorry to say, but I've been falling back into that terrible blogger phase again where I can't seem to get on here enough!
I really am sorry! I hate using the fact that it's been crazy madness around here, but it's the truth! Between work, working out (I've been going to Bar Method Long Beach daily, and it's been kicking my booty into shape!), and working on the house, I've hardly sat down at my computer at all. In the words of Chris Trager, "Literally" not at all.
Here's a quick recap (sorry for the iPhone photos) of a few things going on around here...

I took a hanging planter, spray painted it teal, and hung it in our kitchen to use as a fruit basket.
It allows more air to get to the fruit on the bottom so we have less mushy fruit that has to be tossed.

We were gifted this absolutely gorgeous terrarium that I totally enjoyed filling and hanging in the corner of the living room. It's my new favorite place in the house. I could stare at it

The orange markers show where we're going to lay out a concrete paver deck in the yard next weekend. I realize this is the first ever photo that I've posted of the yard... and it's from my phone. I'm sorry for that! There WILL be a better post on it once we start the deck. 

My once leaning, sad avocado tree now has a place of honor on the side of the yard. So what if the wall is holding him up for now? He'll get strong soon now that he's out of his confining pot. (please ignore the brown spot in the grass... the gardener is working on it)

And I'll leave you with a sleepy Neville from this weekend.

So, there's my quick little attempt at catching you all up. I'll figure my stuff out soon and get on here more often again!


Monday, April 22, 2013

Just a Little Note...

It's Monday. Sometimes (okay, most of the time) Monday's are hard. Especially after a relaxing weekend. and ESPECIALLY after lunch. The food drowsiness starts to set in, and you start counting down the hours... no matter what your job is. You plug away and accomplish your tasks, and just roll with it.
Today is not a bad day, by any means. It's actually a pretty good day. It's still a Monday though and it's warm in my office, I'm kinda full from lunch, and I've just been plugging away.
About 5 minutes ago, my phone buzzed. I looked and saw a Facebook notification that someone had written on my wall. When I checked it, my Monday got a little brighter. It was a sweet little note from a family member saying she was thinking about us. Just that little sentence made me smile, and my case of the Mondays faded a bit. 

Take a little time today, Monday, a week after a rough Monday for Boston, and all of us, really, to send someone a note, a smile, or a hug... It might just be the thing that gets them through the day.
Happy Monday, everyone!


Friday, April 19, 2013

Our "Faux-Denzas".

My favorite project in our new house thus far, has a name that Andrew can't stand. I first came across the idea of "faux-denzas" here on mint love social club. I was obsessed with the idea of building these sleek credenzas out of something as simple as kitchen cabinets. Even though our last house didn't have the space for them, I started looking into them. Turns out, mint love found them here.
So, when we moved into the new house, and had even LESS storage than before, I decided we needed them. Andrew agreed... Only if I stopped calling them "faux-denzas" (I did not).
We followed the basic instructions that Brick House did, picked Ikea Akurum cabinets and Applad doors, along with all of the hardware pieces. 
We decided that instead of one ginormous long piece, we would make two smaller faux.. ahem, sorry CREdenzas... One for the bar, and one to house our media.

We used the standard Ikea railing system and hung them just as you would if you were using them in a kitchen. (FYI, it's really hard to find studs in the wall when your stud finder is broken... as my husband, or just look at the ten holes drilled behind the cabinets)

Notice the super white walls... Snazzy huh?

Here's a few more photos of the TV credenza.

I know the TV isn't centered between the 4 doors, but it is on the wall... and actually now looks a whole lot less lopsided than it did that day.

Here's the bar! Not only does it house all of our cocktail paraphernalia, it also holds all of my large serving dishes that didn't fit in the teeny kitchen. Boom. Two birds...

After the cabinets were mounted, we moved on to what I think, really makes them stand out: The wood tops and siding.
After quite some time at Home Depot, we finally decided on a solid poplar. We were going to go to a lumberyard, but when we saw the Home Depot selection wasn't bad, (neither were the prices) we went for it.

We brought the wood home, cut it to size, sanded, and then just like Brick House, stained and waxed them.

 After one coat.

After two coats and wax. (I don't have a photo of the wax we used, but it's called Feed & Wax)

Here's the pieces before we mounted them... Already looks better!

And here's some finished shots. Excuse my lighting.

 Not bad huh?! The wood really pops against the white walls and doors, and just looks really clean.

Close up of the edges.

 The whole wall. (There's now a shelf to hold glassware over it, but more on that later)

So, there's our first big project in the house! Oh! The black trim on the right edge of the wall in that last photo? Chalkboard paint! Right next to where we put our keys... So we can remind each other to pick up groceries, or Neville from camp.
More house projects coming soon, and a post on our giant backyard!



Wednesday, April 17, 2013

And, the Afters...

Without giving away the bigger projects we've completed so far, here's a few photos of what a difference the paint makes in the house! The white in the living room is SO much brighter than the Swiss Coffee that it was when we first got our keys. It feels so open and airy... Granted, the photo below is from this morning and all of our stuff makes it feel so homey, but the white paint definitely makes a huge difference!

The bedroom, oh the bedroom. I wanted SO badly to have a gray bedroom, and I got it. It's perfect. It's our little cave at night, so dark and cozy, but the white and green accents definitely pull it all together. 

We're still working on getting some art for the room, and hanging some of our photos. But for only being here 2.5 weeks, it's' pretty perfect. We both have slept so well in this house, it was definitely meant to be.

So, it's coming along. If you follow me on Facebook, you know the mess that we had with the real estate agent that was selling our last house for our landlord. She was horrible, rude, condescending, and unconcerned about the fact that we still LIVED in that house. After a month of hell there, dealing with her attitude, her unprofessional staff that tracked dirt and dog poop into what STILL was our home, we are so grateful to have found this place. Our landlord is awesome, he's been nothing but accepting of anything we wanted to do in the house and we couldn't be happier. 
I'll be posting soon about some of our favorite projects that we have done so far, that have helped to make this house feel like our home.


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

The Durings...

As promised, I'm back... Woot!
I was going to post the new house Afters today, but I wanted to post a few During the Madness photos also, so you can see the progression.
Like I said, the first thing we did was paint. We spent about a week choosing colors. We knew we wanted the majority of the house white, then a darker color for the bedroom. It's funny, most people move into a new place and HATE white walls. We can't get enough of them. 
So we got our keys on a Thursday night, Friday we taped and painted the bedroom and the living room.
(When I say "we", I really mean Andrew, while I cleaned and/or napped on the floor with Neville)
And, as I mentioned yesterday, we did this the right way... Empty house, removing switch plates, taping the baseboards, and covering the floor. This was OUR home, and we didn't want to half-ass anything.
(Side note: A stroke of genius caused Andrew to buy brown kraft paper instead of plastic painters tarps for the floor... SO brilliant. Easy to tape down, non-slip, and easy to clean up) 

The living room became a bright white, with an eggshell finish. SO much nicer and cleaner than the Swiss Coffee our landlord chose. I'm not sure if you can REALLY tell the difference in my horrible photos, but I promise, the white is rad. 
Our bedroom became Magnatite gray. If you asked me the brand, I couldn't tell you right now. I know I have the swatch somewhere...

More of those lovely vertical shades... I promise those are down now.

Just like I posted before the move, I got my gray bedroom. And let me tell you: it's amazeballs. SO dark and cozy at night, and just completely warm during the day.
(Check out the sneak peak of the backyard through that last photo... I get so excited thinking about it!)
I'm totally dragging out the Before to After time ratio, but I'll post tomorrow with the paint Afters, and another bigger storage project post will be coming soon!


Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm Back! For Reals...

Well, that hiatus was a little longer than expected! This move was But, it's been about 2 weeks, and we're like 85% in. The place is great. We're so happy here... We have more space, a huge backyard, and a fabulous landlord. I have about a million house photos on the camera, so slowly but surely, I'll be posting about our madness. And, I PROMISE I'll finish up those wedding photos at some point...
It's really been a crazy start to this year: the wedding, new job, and a new house, so I really feel horrible that I've taken so much time off of this... But, I'm back, photos are being uploaded, and I'm actually waking up at a normal hour. 
So, without further ado... Here's the 10th Street House!
(Side note, bigger house does not necessarily mean more storage, so you'll see how we've dealt with that in a couple posts...)

Here's the house when we first got our keys. When we did our first walk through a few weeks before, the house wasn't even finished yet. Our landlord bought it in January to flip it, and then decided not to sell it. So, it's been completely redone, from windows to wiring. It's really like moving into a brand new house.
Everything was painted the standard rental "Swiss Coffee". Our lovely landlord said he had no problems with us painting, so that was the first thing we did. Before we moved anything over. We decided we were going to move like grown ups and do it the right way, so painting was done in an empty house, and let me tell you, so much easier.

(Sorry for the lovely colored photos... I'm really bad at lighting...)
We chose the smaller of the two bedrooms as our room because to me, it felt more like a bedroom. 

The bigger room has an added on closet and to me, feels more like an office. We put our desk in there, and will add a sofa bed or something soon. 

Every window in the house had ugly old vertical blinds on them, so one of the first things we did was take them down and put up the same Ikea roller shades we had at the last house. The dining room and guest room are still rocking the verticals for now, but they're next on the list...
Here's the kitchen... Considerably smaller than our old house, laundry room (!!), bathroom, and dining room... Also considerably smaller than the old house... with the lovely mint green vertical shades.

We are so thrilled to be here. Neville loves it, and Andrew and I have slept better here in the last two weeks than we ever did in two years at the old house. The backyard is amazing and I can't wait to do a whole post on what we're doing back there...
So, that's the Before Photos... Terrible quality Before Photos. Tomorrow I'll post the Afters.. It's crazy what a difference some paint makes!