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Patience. It's wearing thin in the Clark House this evening. Today was another snow day. Yes, another. Yesterday was too. And most of last weekend. And my husband is out of town. Until Friday. Tomorrow is another snow day. Hooray for winter.

To be fair, my kid has been pretty great over the last few days. He's 3, which has it's own brand of crazy, never mind being cooped up in the house with his mom for 48+ hours. We've made it to the evening most days before meltdowns and/or time outs happen, and although it's taken a lot more TV than I'd like, it's gone better than expected.

Until bedtime tonight where I was just totally, completely done. His silliness was grating, every little step took 3 times longer than usual, and by the time we were listening to our nightly meditations, his wiggly body knocking over books was the last straw. After cleaning up the books myself and snapping at him to "lay still and be quiet" I laid down next to him again and …

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