About Me


I'm Rachel. I'm Calm, Cool, and Kinda Collected. I'm a writer, compulsive organizer (except in places you can't see, like my drawers), I love to (try to) bake and cook, and craft. I love my my fiancé, our pup, French macarons, Oreos, and (Vegan) ice cream.

He's Andrew. Always Calm, Always Cool, and Uber Collected. He's an architectural designer, Francophile, lover of all things contemporary. A better cook than I am (he says). He loves music, our pup, and for some crazy reason, me.

The Pup.
He's Neville. The best decision we ever made. He's calm (unless someone walks by the front window). He's cuddly (unless he wants to play). And he's just awesome. He loves peanut butter, carrots, and TV remotes.

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