Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pinterest Picks 5.30.13

I had a different post started for this morning, but as my mind started to wander, I decided that a Pinterest Pick was in order instead... Happy Thursday!
For 5.30.13

This Loft Space (Because it's so open and airy)

Tomorrow is Neville's 2nd Birthday! Check back for a post all about our sweet guy!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I'm Baaaaack...

Okay, sorry, the title was supposed to sound excited, not creepy... But yes, it's true... I'm back... And better than ever... Maybe? I woke up this morning with the itch to write again. Even though I slept in, I'm up, with a bowl of cereal, raring to go.
I'll be honest, there isn't much house stuff to write about right now. We still don't have furniture in the yard, we still haven't done anything to the dining room, but, there is one huge thing: 
Ladies and gentlemen, drumroll please...
We cleaned out the guest room.
Yes, I know, you all (3 of you?) fainted. It is true though! The room is a completely functional (huge, actually) office, just dying to be styled. I don't have a real before photo, but it looked something like this...

Just kidding. It wasn't that bad... Well, it kinda was. There were unpacked boxes, kitchen things that didn't have a home, and a whole bunch of receipts and papers on the desk. 
Since we didn't have plans for the long weekend, Andrew and I decided it would be our "Get Organized Weekend". (Which sounds SO exciting, doesn't it!?)
But in actuality, it was exactly what we needed. There was a long list of things that we had been putting off, and this was the perfect time to get it all done.
The guest room was first on the list. I came home from work on Friday ready to go. I spent 2 hours sifting through papers, opening the boxes, and organizing the closets in that room.
By Friday night, a huge dent was made, but it wasn't enough.
Andrew joined in on Saturday and after about 3 more hours over the weekend, and one trip to Target for a shelving unit, the room looks like this:

I know, it's SO not pretty still, but at least you can see the floor! And the desk! 
We still have a list of things to do in there:
Change out the pink (barf) blinds for the while roller shades
Paint (I'm thinking white like the rest of the house)
Change out the rug (It's from the old living room)
Get some sort of sleeper sofa or high end futon (oxymoron, anyone?)
Actually decorate and style the room... It should look nice, like (I think) the rest of the house looks!

So we'll get there soon, it's next on the big house list, along with the dining room and hallway. Oh, and patio furniture. It's coming along!
I'll be back tomorrow (!!) and the next day, and then Monday... with actual photos from a camera, not just my phone. Because I'm back guys, (whether you like it or not) I promise!


Monday, May 13, 2013

And Again...

I feel like I'm constantly apologizing for myself on here. I've been neglecting this blog (and my readers, if there are any still) a lot lately. I thought I would be SO motivated to write, after all, I have a lot to write about: new house, new job, marriage, etc... Well, what's really happened is that I'm SO insanely busy, that I hardly have a moment to breathe, let alone write. Today, I got lucky. Last minute, I found out I was going to work an hour later, so here I am... Apologizing again, for being a terrible blogger. I'd like to say that I'm getting my act together, and that I'll be back to posting everyday, but I honestly don't know if I can! For now, all I can promise is some instagram photos and a little catching up here and there. 
I'm hoping to get back to regular posting soon, we've had a few projects on the house that I'd really like to dig deeper into, but for now, here's a few super random photos to hold you over.

I FINALLY got a new license! The old photo is 12.years.old. I can't say my new one is great... but it's definitely an improvement... I'm not proud of my signature thought... Really? Am I 10?
Oh, and I'm officially a Clark now! Everything is changed: Social Security, bank info, and finally, my license!

 I posted photos last time of our backyard, and hinted that something was going to happen to it... Well, here's that something! Andrew spent all of last Saturday digging up grass and laying these awesome 16x16 concrete pavers. We were going to leave grass in between the pavers, but then decided that using the river rock would be a more solid surface for the patio furniture (and fire pit!) that will be added in the next month. It looks pretty awesome, and definitely makes the yard a little more functional than just an open green space. 

 Another photo, this one from the bedroom window.

This photo is so random, I know. This was our Friday night dinner. So simple. We had both just worked out, wanted food, but weren't hungry enough for a big dinner. So, we sat outside, ate charcuterie, and drank gin and tonics (using our new favorite, St. George Gin).

Now that we've been in this house about six weeks, it really feels like home. I mean, it did almost from the beginning, but relaxing in the yard, watching Neville run around, enjoying each others company, makes the stress of moving (when you didn't even want to), and moving IN, all worth it. This weekend we'll be in Palm Springs, taking a mini-moon... so I'll try and post after that. 
2013, even with all of it's madness is shaping up to be a great year... 
Happy Monday, all!